Reusable & Unlimited Activators
Light Therapy Acne Masks
**Three Models Available**

Unlimited Activator USB Cable
  • POWER CABLE FOR YOUR ACNE LIGHT THERAPY MASK **WITHOUT 30 USE LIMIT**: Use it as many times as you want, whenever you want from any USB power source. You deserve to look good and feel good.
  • DEEP DOWN INSIDE YOU KNOW DUMPING ACTIVATORS AFTER 30 USES IS CRAZY AND WRONG: No more anger and guilt. You can impress people with your amazing skin without destroying the planet.
  • NO ACTIVATOR HACK NEEDED, 100% GUARANTEE:  There’s no need to find tools, dismantle the device and solder wires or switches. This product just works or we’ll refund your money.
  • CONVENIENT LIGHT THERAPY DOSE:  Never feel upset because a treatment was wasted. Use a timer and just disconnect early if needed.  Be ready for your hot date or next social outing without having to stock up on activators.
  • SAVE MONEY: Never buy activators or batteries ever again. Requires a USB power source such as a laptop, phone charger, or rechargeable lithium ion powerbank.

For those who want the convenience of portable power:

  • PORTABLE POWER SUPPLY: Use the included USB cable and 4AA battery enclosure to power your mask without being tethered to a power point. 
  • CONVENIENT TO OPERATE: Turn on and off with the built in power switch.
  • PREMIUM DESIGN: Fully enclosed and compact construction that easily fits in your pocket.
**New and Improved** Rechargeable Model

For regular users of their mask who want a premium experience:

  • SAVE MONEY ON BATTERIES: Includes a lithium ion cell that can be recharged with your computer or phone charger. The savings on batteries alone pays for itself.
  • CONVENIENT TO OPERATE: Connect and power your light therapy acne mask with the included USB cable.
  • PREMIUM DESIGN: Fully enclosed and compact construction that easily fits in your pocket.

Light therapy is a dermatologist recommended and clinically proven method of acne treatment. Blue LED light is calibrated to target acne-causing bacteria while red LED light reduces acne inflammation. The technology has been in use for over a decade. Amazing results need regular expensive dermatologist visits. Popular acne masks allow for easy home treatments but are hardware locked to 30 uses.

Disposing of light therapy devices after 30 uses is wasteful and unnecessary. It generates a tremendous amount of electronic waste polluting our beautiful planet. If you decide to recycle the device, it takes time and energy to ship to recycling, melt down and manufacture into a new device. Why not just reuse the device you have?

Why should you order this reusable light therapy acne mask activator?

1. You love your light therapy acne mask because it works. It gives you beautiful skin, a boost in confidence and extra attention from the opposite sex. The treatment is chemical free and makes you incredibly happy.

2. Light therapy LEDs last 30,000 hours and there is no reason why your activator should not last just as long. You feel angry and upset every time you throw out a used activator.

3. Buying this product sends a message to billion dollar corporations. You want them to reconsider their wasteful and greedy product designs that destroy our beautiful planet.

Will this battery pack or activator work?

1. A light therapy mask is simple. Our product supplies the exact same power as the original manufacturer’s activator. Replace or recharge the 4 x AA batteries (sold separately) when LEDs dim.

2. Measure the dose with your phone or watch. Disconnect the unit once finished. Refer to your mask’s instructions for dosage.